Generic name for kemadrin

Kemadrin has active ingredients of procyclidine hydrochloride.

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Information about Kemadrin.

As with all anticholinergics the benefit/risk ratio should be assessed when prescribing Kemadrin in patients with existing angle-closurenarrow angleglaucoma or those considered to be predisposed to glaucomaCautious prescribing is also indicated in patients predisposed to obstructive disease of the gastro-intestinal tract and those with urinary symptoms associated with prostatic hypertrophy.

If you are elderlyyour dose may need to be carefully monitored to prevent any side effects.

Talk to your doctor before taking this medicine if you are pregnantmight become pregnant or are breast-feeding.

The effect of anticholinergics such as procyclidine may antagonise the gastrointestinal effects of cisapridedomperidone and metoclopramide.

Conditions in which inhibition of the parasympathetic nervous system is undesirablesuch as tachycardia and urinary retentionsuch as may occur with marked prostatic hypertrophyrequire special care in the administration of the drugHypotensive patients who receive the drug should be observed closelyOccasionallyparticularly in older patientsmental confusion and disorientation may occur with the development of agitationhallucinationsand psychotic-like symptomsPatients with mental disorders occasionally experience a precipitation of a psychotic episode when the dosage of antiparkinsonism drugs is increased to treat the extrapyramidal side effects of phenothiazine and rauwolfia derivatives.

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