Shared Parenting

While Counselling for your peace.of.mind is a counselling practice that offers guidance to all walks of life, my specialities are families with children, and in particular families with children that are dealing with Shared Parenting Issues are separation and divorce.

My workshops, family groupings and one on one counselling sessions have been designed to facilitate and help navigate newly separated or divorced families giving them sound and proven strategies on how to cope with the new situation they have found themselves in.

A set of comprehensive tools will be given to my clients to aid them in the raising of their children in a shared parenting environment.

ExIt isn’t easy to parent between two separately run homes, dealing with new situations and new people coming into your child’s life, dealing with step parents and step siblings.

Out of respect for your child, you need to show them that you love them more than you dislike their other parent.

My advantage over my competitors is that – Yes, I am divorced, I have raised my three girls for 12 years on my own, and I know how tough single parenting is. I follow the principles of the “sand-castles way of parenting with divorce”.

I am very empathetic and versed in the day to day hassles with shared parenting.

I have done studies and surveys listing and analysing common issues that parents need to deal with and would love to share some of the wisdom I have learned, helping you write and plan your own parenting plan with your ex partner.

My children have done very well because their father and I didn’t want them to be punished for our mistakes.

We have a high profile in our community due to our techniques.

There is not a better feeling in the world than knowing you have done the very best by your children.