KombiOur families are the most significant collective group that we will ever belong to.

Sometimes those families change with the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes they fall apart, sometimes they are threatened by change and stresses.

No matter how strong or weak our family connections are, we often find ourselves needing outside help for us to understand the changes it goes through over time.

Separation and divorce, death, new baby in the home, sibling rivalry, dealing with teenagers, changing jobs and the empty nest syndrome are some of the changes that here at Counselling for you Peace.of.Mind are experienced in dealing with.

26% of Novocastrians with children are divorced or separated (national average is 33%). So that means that 26% of us in our town are dealing with shared parenting and all its complications. Sharing parenting of children between two homes is never easy and comes with a whole series of issues that most people haven’t even thought of before they deal with it.

A staggering 92% of separating or divorced families that have sough out counselling report that they were happy that they did so. Their children are much more settled and their new lives are less stressed than people that hadn’t gone through counselling. Here at Counselling for your Peace.of.Mind, are are happy to help you plan out a parenting plan – which is basically a booklet or rules and ideals that both parents write together. From personal experience – my parenting plan was my life saver!

In Newcastle, the average marriage lasts 12.5 years. Woman file for divorce more often than men AND 50% of Novocastrians re-marry.

So whether it is a family breakdown that you are dealing with, or a family member who is shaking the stability of the family, or just having difficulty juggling life with a family, I can offer you a stress free, non-judgemental, safe haven to voice your concerns.

We can do this with all of the family members, some of them, or just one person.

We all make choices in life, let me help you make the right ones to help you life your best life.