One Heart Two Homes


Such powerful four words. It really sums up what children of a separated or divorced families deal with.

So many problems are created by parents not realising that that is exactly what their children are living.Their one heart is divided between two homes of two people that they love dearly.

One Heart, Two Homes is designed to equip families with the tools needed to conduct an effective, on-going relationship for parents, step parents, single parents, and extended family members walking the complex path of co-parenting after divorce and in remarriage-where the main focus is the best outcomes for everyone-especially the children.

So much conflict is caused by different expectations and rigidity between families living in different homes-but this doesn’t need to be the case!

Separation counselling and learning how to navigate your families new found lifestyle is a make or break

Situation – if not done right, your children can pay for those mistakes for many years to come.

We cover simple ideas that cause many problems-Christmas time/clothes/late nights/discipline-are these ringing any bells?

handsTo make a plan, between both parents, realising that it is your child that is being bounced around while you squabble about whose going to take your child to a birthday party, or who buys the present or being flexible when there are birthdays etc

Discover how you can make positive co-parenting work for you and your child by: Understanding how today’s actions will affect your child in five, ten, and twenty years, teaming with your child’s co-parent to develop strategies in the best interest of your children, helping your child feel at ease in both homes, increasing your child’s self-esteem while minimizing anxiety, and integrating stepparents into your co-parenting team.

Co-parenting isn’t easy. But with these strategies for success, you’ll be prepared to create an enjoyable childhood and a healthy upbringing that will impact your child for a lifetime.