My practice is based on a holistic approach to my clients needs. I believe in engaging and developing the whole person. You can think of this as different levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional. We have conscious and unconscious aspects, rational and irrational aspects. It is a much more realistic and personal approach to change. I have a belief that everyone has a BEST LIFE just waiting for them-sometimes there are hurdles in the way that slows people down or even stops them from getting there BUT IT’S THERE!

I aim to teach you the best way to achieve this!

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We begin with you talking  about what’s bothering you. If you come with your child I will get the parent to tell me what they see as the problem,while the child is there-often the child will interject and tell me the way that they see the problem.I then suggest ways that you can deal with stuff, and sometimes just the act of talking about it makes you see solutions you didn’t know were there.

Sometimes clients just need an educated sounding board to discuss issues without involving friends or family,some are so emotionally distraught that they need guidance to see clearly,others simply need a plane to get themselves out of a negative situation.

I find that once a client has been here their head is a little clearer,a plan has hatched in their mind and life is on its way to being manageable again.

I am very non judgemental.we all make mistakes and sometimes our mistakes can be the best things we have done-as they then get us to choose the right direction we are meant to take.

I see seeking counsel as a step toward you living your BEST LIFE!

I decided to be a counsellor in 2000 after seeing a marriage guidance counsellor myself.

I was very reluctant to see a counsellor because I thought that it would seem that I had something wrong with me – and the idea of airing my dirty laundry in front of a complete stranger totally unimpressed me!

However, after one or two sessions I was so impressed and open to the counselling process and how the counselling process worked for us – taking us from a sad, and devastating situation, to one that was manageable.

For us, it turned into a situation that we both gained huge insight into ourselves and through that process got us through the separation and divorce process generally unscathed!

MORE IMPORTANTLY our children were unscathed as much as was possible.


Counselling  helped us navigate a new way of life for us all – putting great emphasis on the stability of our mutual children’s lives – who were very young at the time.

Separate to this our anxieties were managed, new life goals put into place and a style of co-parenting devised between us that actually worked with few bumps!

I went from an over anxious, negative, under achieving, sad individual to one that conquered her fears and excelled in things that were important to me! AND I get to now teach others what I learnt!!!

I have a genuine and natural affinity to children and they easily warm to me custom cheap essay writing service.

Adults seem to also feel very comfortable with me and my practice is in my home which is a comfortable, non-pretentious old Victorian terrace. It is so much more personal here than a clinic where there is a waiting room and prying eyes!

I have a lovely relaxing fairy garden that the children and adults are welcome to wander through and discover throughout our counselling sessions.