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Information about Aldara.

Th isk sv local skin actions may b incasd whn imiquimod is usd at high than commndd doss (s sction 4.2). Howv, in a cass sv local actions that hav quid tatmnt and/causd tmpoay incapacitation hav bn obsvd in patints whhav usd imiquimod accoding tth instuctions. Wh such actions hav occud at th uthal matus, som womn hav xpincd diiculty in uinating, somtims quiing mgncy cathtisation and tatmnt th actd aa.

In all studis, Aldaa was compad with placb(th sam cam but without th activ substanc).

Using tomuch Aldaa, using it tolong can incas you isk sv skin actions. ollow you docto’s instuctions.

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continue to use aldara cream as instructed until your warts have completely gone.

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