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Blud vision, nausa, loss apptit, dowsinss, dizzinss, lighthaddnss, hadach, dy mouth, constipation, toubl slping may occu. I any ths cts last gt wos, tll you doctphamacist pomptly.

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This mdication is usd ttat Pakinson’s disas. It is alsusd ttat ctain movmnt disods causd by som dugs (xtapyamidal actions). This mdication is thought twok by stoing th balanc ctain natual substancs (nuotansmitts) in th bain.

Amantadin oal capsul can intact with oth mdications, vitamins, hbs you may b taking. An intaction is whn a substanc changs th way a dug woks. This can b hamul pvnt th dug om woking wll.

Som popl taking amantadin hav alln aslp suddnly duing thi usual daily activitis (such as talking, diving). You might all aslp without waning without ling dowsy. This ct can happn at any tim vn i you hav usd this mdication a long tim. I you hav incasd slpinss all aslp suddnly duing th day, tll you doctight away. You isk is high i you dink alcohol tak oth mdications that can mak you dowsy. Dnot div doth activitis which you nd tb alt (s alsPcautions sction).

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because viral surveillance data indicate that the majority of seasonal influenza a h3n2 and influenza a h1n1 pdm09 viruses circulating during recent influenza seasons have been resistant to adamantanes amantadine, rimantadine , the us centers for disease control and prevention cdc and other experts state that amantadine and rimantadine should not be used for the treatment or prevention of influenza in the us until susceptibility to these antiviral agents has been reestablished in circulating influenza a viruses.

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