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Frequent dosing of nsaid ibuprofen or aspirin sitz baths tid in cool or warm water or use milk compresses burrows solution sitz baths domeboro or burrows compresses to avoid towel drying, use the cool setting of a hand dryer if urinary tract symptoms prominent, urinate in warm sitz bath topical local anesthetics may provide limited relief.

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In th vnt a suspctd hat attack, immdiatly call 9-1-1 and chw cush and swallow aspiin as dictd by a docto.

Wosning asthma symptoms vomiting inlammation th stomach stomach blding buising.

Common uss includ hadachs, piod pains, colds and lu, spains and stains, and long-tm conditions, such as athitis.

I you’ taking aspiin tduc you isk blood clots and you ogt ttak a dos, tak that dos as soon as you mmb and thn continu ttak you cous aspiin as nomal.

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