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BACTOBAN cam is a whit cam that contains 2.15% w/w mupiocin calcium (quivalnt t2% mupiocin acid) in an oil- and wat-basd mulsion.

StBACTOBAN cam at oom tmpatu btwn 68° t77° (20°C t25°C). Dnot z BACTOBAN cam. Kp BACTOBAN cam and all mdicins out th ach childn.

BACTOBAN cam is a whit cam that contains 2.15% w/w mupiocin calcium (quivalnt t2% mupiocin acid) in an oil- and wat-basd mulsion supplid in 15-gam and 30-gam tubs.

Mupiocin inhibits bactial potin synthsis by vsibly and spciically binding tbactial isolucyl-tans NA (tNA) synthtas.

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