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It can help you keep a healthy prostatePromotes healthy bladder functionsPromotes a healthy reproductive function.Keeps normal urinary output.Promotes a better urinary flow.It is reported that it can also improve fertility.Himplasia was rated as a superior choice when compared to other products based on Saw Palmetto.

Small caltropsGokshuraTribulus terrestris140mgThe principal constituent in this herb is harmineIt has diuretic properties which is recommended in Ayurveda for urinary tract and kidney healthIn addition it is tonic and aphrodisiac in nature and is considered help in increasing semen quantityTribulus terrestris also helps in supporting the genitourinary tractThe plant and seeds have cardiotonic activityBonduc nutPutikaranjaCaesalpinia bonducella120mgAlso known as Fever Nut and Psychic Nutthis herb is found in the plains and upto an altitude of 1000 meters in the HimalayasThese nuts have long been used in indigenous medicine as an anti-periodic and recent pharmacological studies have also shown it to have diureticanti-pyreticadaptogenicand muscle contractile propertiesAreca nut palmPugaAreca catechu100mgArecanut contains several alkaloids belonging to the pyridine groupThe most important of them physiologically is arecoline The polyphenols of ripe arecanut contain predominantly polymerized leucocyanidins besides as well as small amounts ofcetechinleucopelargonidin and leucocyanidinThe polyphenolic substances of arecanutsgenerally termed tanninsare responsible for the physiological actionThe non-alkaloid fractions of arecanuts are said to possess anti-microbial propertiesThe powdered nuts are used in Ayurveda for diarrhea and urinary issuesThe dried nuts are also said to sweeten the breathstrengthen the gumsand produce a stimulant and exhilarant effect on the systemAsparagusShatavariAsparagus racemosus80mgShatavari is a well known herb that supports the male and female reproductive systemIt contains triterpene saponinsShatavarin IIVwhich are phytoestrogen compoundsIt has demulcentdiureticaphrodisiac and galactagogue propertiesThree leaved caperVarunaCratavea nurvala80mgThis deciduous tree is found throughout Indiaespecially along the river banksIt is considered to be diureticlithontripticdemulcent and tonicThe bark contains ceryl alcoholfriedelinlupeolbetulinic acid and diosgeninIt is recommended in traditional ayurveda for normal urinary flowurinary tract health and prevention of renal and vesical calculi Processed agateAkika pishti 80mgThis is a cardiac tonic that supports heart rythm.

Botulinum neurotoxinsBoNTsare well known for their ability to potently and selectively disrupt and modulate neurotransmissionBoNT is currently undergoing regulatory evaluation for urological disorders in the United States and the European Union and is not FDA approved for urologic useSeveral case studieslevel III evidencehave looked at specific BPH patient sub-populations to determine if BoNTA treatment was also effective69Kuo200570cross referencetreated 10 patients who were either in frank urinary retention or carried a large PVRwho had already failed combination medical therapyfinasteride and alpha-blockersand who had morbid medical conditions that prohibited them from having conventional TURP surgery.

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