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The goddess of fortuneLakshmiis sometimes envious of the tulasi leaves which are placed at the lotus feet of the Lordfor they remain fixed there and do not movewhereas Lakshmijialthough stationed by the chest of the Lordsometimes has to please other devotees who pray for her favorLakshmiji sometimes has to go to satisfy her numerous devoteesbut tulasi leaves never forsake their positionand the Lord therefore appreciates the service of tulasi more than the service of Lakshmi.

O Vrinda DeviI offer my respectful obeisances to your lotus feetWho can describe your good fortuneYou were the messenger who brought about the perfection of the amorous pastimes of Radha and Krishnathe youthful couplewho enthusiastically sport in the groves of Vrindavana.

Each capsule containsTulasiOcimum sanctumAerial part extract250 mg.

O Vrinda DeviI offer my respectful obeisances to your lotus feetYou are bathed in your own splendorwhich defeats the effulgence of lightning and the golden campaka flowerThe luster of your transcendental garments is the friend of the leandhilia flower.

Free from sugarartificial colorsartificial flavorspreservativesand gelatin.

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