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I now realize that it exactly coincides with the use dose increase of wellbutrin.

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QI currently take bupropionThere has been much debate over the difference between bupropiongenericand WellbutrinCan I ask my doctor to put me on Wellbutrin just to see if I can tell a difference?

I have taken Wellbutrin 150mg XR for about 9 mo now and around 6 mo started getting this tingling and numb feeling in my feetOver the past 3 mo the numbness and tingling has worsened and as started burning and moved up my feet to about mid calf and in my handsMy doctor recommended stopping to make sure it wasn’t the WellbutrinHas anyone else ever experienced thisIf so how long before it gets better after stopping med?

Your doctor also needs to know if you have liver or kidney diseaseare taking insulin for diabetesare taking other antidepressantsor are using a nicotine patchwhich can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

Talk with your doctor about the safety of breastfeeding while using Wellbutrin.

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this cream is much more effective than the brand from my local drug store and it was much cheaper, wellbutrin, and.

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