Preschool Drama 3-5yrs

Ph: 0422 183 566


drama4Life is all about how we present ourselves and early training is the key.

We offer preschool drama classes to children 3-5yrs,where the focus is on the growth and development of each individual child.Your child will learn valuable skills and benefits in preparation for school,emotional,intellectual and social development,self esteem and confidence.We palce a great emphasis on dealing with anxiety and shyness as well as being true to ourselves.The classes are conducted in a nurturing environment,and allows students to feel comfortable being who they are ,learn to speak comfortably in front of others,solve problems in a team and learn to be creative and resilient through scaffold learning techniques.

Classes Broadmeadow Tues-Fri 10am and 11.30am 60mins no parent involvement necessary small classes (days subject to change)

There are lots of costumes and props and drama characterisations packaged in bite sized pieces.