Seroquel xr anxiety disorder

I ve been on seroquel for about five months and have gained 40 pounds.

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Never take Seroquel in larger amountsor for longer than recommended by your doctorHigh doses or long-term use can cause a serious movement disorder that may not be reversibleSymptoms of this disorder include tremors or other uncontrollable muscle movements.

For some patientsthis medicine can increase thoughts of suicideTell your doctor right away if you start to feel more depressed and have thoughts about hurting yourselfReport any unusual thoughts or behaviors that trouble youespecially if they are new or are getting worse quicklyMake sure the doctor knows if you have trouble sleepingget upset easilyhave a big increase in energyor start to act recklessAlso tell the doctor if you have sudden or strong feelingssuch as feeling nervousangryrestlessviolentor scaredLet the doctor know if you or anyone in your family has bipolar disordermanic-depressive illnessor has tried to commit suicide.

34Himmerich HEhrlinger MHackenberg MLohr BNickel TPossible Case of Quetiapine-induced Rhabdomyolysis in a Patient With Depression Treated With FluoxetineJ Clin Psychopharmacol 262006676-677.

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in the event that the drug isn t working very well for your insomnia, you ve failed to explore standard hypnotics, and you re experiencing side effects it may be advisable to discontinue seroquel and transition to a more evidence-based hypnotic.

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