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Studis ipatopium in animals hav not dmonstatd ngativ cts on th tus. Th hav bn nstudis in humans.

Allgic-typ actions such as skin ash, angiodma, including that th thoat, tongu, lips and ac, gnalizd uticaia (including giant uticaia), layngospasm, and anaphylactic actions hav bn potd with ATOVNT Nasal Spay 0.06% and oth ipatopium bomid-containing poducts, with positiv challng in som cass.

Th most common sid cts potd with us ATOVNT HA w bonchitis, COPD la?up (xacbation), shotnss bath and hadach.

At oal inhalation ipatopium bomid in patints suing om COPD/Asthma supavnticula tachycadia and atial ibillation hav bn potd.

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