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For pain relief, consumer reports recommends generic baby aspirin, which can be chewed and dissolved in the mouth, as a safe, effective and cheap alternative to fast-acting aspirin formulations.

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Aspiin is not usually suitabl thos agd und 16 yas, bcaus it can incas th isk y’s syndom, which can appa at a vius, such as a cold, lu, chickn pox. It can lad tpmannt bain injuy dath.

Wosning asthma symptoms vomiting inlammation th stomach stomach blding buising.

Ask a doctbyou giv aspiin tyou child tnag. Aspiin may caus y’s syndom (a sious condition in which at builds up on th bain, liv, and oth body ogans) in childn and tnags, spcially i thy hav a vius such as chickn pox th lu.

You may still b abl ttak aspiin in ths cass, but you should only dsi advisd that it’s sa by a halthca possional.

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in a few reported cases, coadministration of verapamil with aspirin has led to increased bleeding time greater than observed with aspirin alone.

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